Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Newsflash: NAKED Smoky Sneak Peek

Hey! I wanted to do a quick post with some images of the new Naked Smoky palette that I was just sent as I'm sure lots of you are dying to get your peepers and hands on it. With mattes, satins, shimmers and glitter shades in tones of bronze, grey, taupe, brown and black and nine new shades alongside three exclusives, it's a lot of bang for your buck. And kind of mouth-watering if we're being real. Tutorials will be included in the packaging but the palette is so versatile that you really won't be limited to the smokiness that lends its name to the product. In fact, the shimmery shades alone or mixed could make very pretty, soft eye looks as well!


It'll be available from August 6th from Debenhams and House of Fraser in Ireland (RRP €46.00) and anywhere that stocks Urban Decay elsewhere. There are waiting lists if you're worried about being at the front of the queue so just pop into your local stockist and have them take your name.

You guys as excited as I am?


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Monday, 6 July 2015

Playlist: Songs That Sound Like Summer

The charts and pop culture tend to dictate that some songs and albums and artists represent given summers but our own lives often have their own soundtracks as well - especially during summers. As a teen, I was prone to discovering a new band or album, falling madly in love and listening obsessively and exclusively to the one thing. The summer I was 14, I listened solely to Panic! At The Disco. At 15, it was the Ramones. 16 was Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing - the only music my family and I could agree on during hot car journeys with my legs on the dash and a heavy breeze coming in the window. Best Coast's first album is being on holidays and sitting by the pool at night, talking on the phone to the girl who would become one of my best friends, as we planned living together in second year of college. Last summer, I was all about The Cure and this summer it's K-Pop central.

There's gaps in there where the other songs on this playlist come into play. Each track is from a moment, means something but in some cases I can remember the time and feeling but not the specifics around it. I just know that if I hear any of these songs, I think of summer.

So, I hope you enjoy the playlist and do let me know your ultimate summer songs - I'd love to hear about them!


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Thursday, 2 July 2015

REVIEW: Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

I normally review a very select number of products, mostly things I've been sent, as I never want to flood my blog overly with them. Usually these are planned, carefully considered things but I was so struck by this scent that I had to talk about it.

Scent is interesting. So evocative. So subjective.

Since Wood Sage and Sea Salt was launched last year, it's been popular. In fact, it was after the umpteenth blogger I like raved about it, it was on my "must smell" list.

Said smelling occurred just yesterday. And I was genuinely haunted. All night and day, I thought I could smell it everywhere, despite the fact that I had sprayed it on a tester and not my skin. Yet, it followed me all the same.

Which is how I found myself buying it today.

I normally hum and haw over perfume as I'm so picky and do months of research and consideration before buying but I really was a woman possessed. In fact, I'm aware that this review is probably shite, it's more of a rant and so personal.

If we're talking nitty-gritty, Jo Malone scents are on the expensive side but some things are worth spending a little more. The packaging is the usual for the brand but chic and timeless, why mess with a good thing, right? It's also cool that all their fragrances can be mixed and used together to create unique cocktails of scents that are all your own.

The main ingredients are ambrette seed, sea salt and sage, red algae and grapefruit and it's a marine, musky fragrance with notes of citrus and salt that really does evoke being by the sea. I adore being covered in the smell of the ocean and having surf tousled hair so this is like permanently having just stepped out of the water. In fact, it does the job a little too well and has me aching to move off to a little cottage by the sea on my own with only a book and music to keep me company...if only.

Starting at €50.00 for the 30ml bottle it is available online and in department stores around the globe. In Ireland, it is most readily available at Brown Thomas and in the airport standalone.

Have any of you guys tried it? What do you think?





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Monday, 29 June 2015

Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

Rachel Dalton communications will always have a rather fond place in my heart. Not only were they the first PR company to start working with me but they are also enduringly unbelievably helpful and kind. Last week they had an event and put together some essential summer beauty products from the brands they represent. I'm pretty on board with the list - how about you?

Summer Beauty Essentials

1. The MICRO Pedi Nano (€39.95) is a travel-size version of the cult favourite. Cute, dinky and perfect for throwing in your suitcase, I can utterly see why this would be a summer essential. I have the regular version and it turns my poor, battered feet into something presentable - which is good, because, boy do I love sandals!

2. Keeping your teeth looking their best on the go is also majorly important which is where the Violife SlimSonic (€12.95) comes in handy. Adorable and mega-handy at perfect pop-in-your-handbag size. It's a no-brainer.

3. Ziaja, luckily, make a travel range that is perfect for maintaining healthy hair and skin on the go. The 50ml versions only cost €1.99 and a particular fave is the Natural Olive Conditioner which revitalises hair pretty instantaneously.

4. SPF is kinda my jam so Ziaja's Sun Antioxidant Face Cream with Vitamin C SPF50 is a must. At €8.99, it's uber-reasonable for such a high factor and is light on the skin but not on the protection.

5. REN's Moroccan Rose Gold Glow Perfect Dry Oil (€28.00) smells A-mazing. Seriously. It also makes you glowy and gorgeous, works for hair and body and gives you a lot of product for your money. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

6. Me and leg-shaving have a notoriously tricky relationship. Giving a klutz a razor is probably not the best plan, but I love me some smooth skin. To help, Total Shaving Solution's Natural Shaving Oil (€5.48 for 10ml and €11,17 for 25ml) has your back. Just remember to hide it from everyone else!

7. Back to teeth, Kin's Whitening Toothpaste (€8.04) is sulphate-free, reduces plaque, smells good and does wonders for brightening your smile.

8. WaterWipes are literally the only wipes I recommend now (though a good cleanse is still necessary, obvs) with the travel pack costing only €0.99 and packaged nice and slim, it's the perfect thing for taking care of children's skin or removing make-up. Multi-tasking is always a good thing while on the run!

9. Viviscal has done wonders for my hair, the Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner (€14.95 each) will keep your locks happy, help those with fine or thinning hair and do so naturally.

10. In a similar vein, Perfectil (€12.95), a beauty supplement, does likewise good things both for your skin and nails as well as hair.









Much as make-up and clothes are fun to play with, with travelling, warm weather and more sun, summer is the time to think more about spending time on protecting the canvas that is your body. Wouldn't you agree?

What are your summer beauty essentials?

(Prices are RRP, may differ from retailer to retailer. This post attempted to find everything online but you may need to check instores for exact matches of some items. Most major pharmacies should stock items listed.)


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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DIY: Magic Charm Necklaces

With the solstice just behind us and a certain weight to the air, as if something is going to happen, as if possibilities abound in summer for some reason, I thought I'd share a post I've been meaning to write for ages.

A while back, I was reading about the magical properties attributed to various plants, herbs and spices. I've always been fascinated by witches and magic and liked the idea of putting some of these ingredients together myself, playing around at making spells and charms. Then I noticed tiny glass bottles in my local craft shop and the two things kinda combined in my brain.


When I tried it out, I realised the ingredients looked really cute in the little bottles as necklaces. They also make nice gifts if someone is going through a break-up, looking for work, stressed or just someone you care for because you can tailor the ingredients into well wishes for them. Whether they work or not is kinda redundant, it's more about showing (with more than words) how much you have a person's back. I've given them to a couple people so far and they've been appreciative whether they were superstitious or not.

I'd like to immediately point out that I am not a practising wicca and have no in-depth knowledge of modern paganism as a religion or practice but was merely having fun and playing around with ideas. However, the ingredients I've listed below are traditionally associated with certain properties.

To make these, all you need is a scissors, twine, a bottle (from a craft shop or you could use empty food colouring bottles with the labels removed) and ingredients as desired. Merely pop them inside, close, tie the twine/string around and wear or gift it! It's super-easy.





This is a list of potential ingredients. It is not exhaustive in options or the properties of each item but somewhere to start from. As I say, this was for fun so I have no idea how to "activate" these charms, they are merely decoration! Still cute though!




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