Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Extraordinary Beauty at Brown Thomas

Once again, Brown Thomas are celebrating all things skincare, haircare, fragrance and make-up. An annual thing now, it opens up the store with complimentary services, special offers and events. It's not to be missed! I've already had a facial at Aveda and plan to pop in again a few times before the event finishes on the 15th. Be sure to check it out - the full range of events and services can be found here and the magazine produced in conjunction with The Gloss can be picked up in store for free or read online here.

Screenshot 2015-03-04 23.58.55

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

REVIEW: Artistry Little Black Dress Palette

The Artistry Little Black Dress Eyeshadow Palette sells itself as being inspired "by the wearability of a little black dress" and as featuring "a collection of beautiful bolts of colour that can be picked up anytime to add day time polish or night time party". 

It comes in a limited edition black patent case that I waver between thinking is cute and, at other times, a little over-kill. However, it's very compact and sleek and, unlike most palettes, doesn't take up too much room in a make-up bag. The inside is the most impressive part of the packaging, with a really good, large mirror the whole width and height of the lid, utilising that space to perfection. Similarly impressive is the brush. Most brushes in palettes are a waste of time and invariably are lost, ignored or discarded. In this case, however, the brush is a keeper! The blending end is quite good and works product into the crease easily, for a smokier look a fluffier blending brush would probably be necessary but for more controlled application, this is great. The tapered end is the most amazing little feature - it allows for application of the black shadow super close to the lash line, making it into quite a good eyeliner. And the tip tapers so neatly that you can use it for winged liner. 

There are eight colours inside, in grey to purple tones; five shimmers, one matte and two lusters.  These include Pearl (a glimmering white shimmer),  Candlelight (a dusty mauve shimmer), Evening Out (a steel grey shimmer), Midnight (a berry luster),  Little Black Dress (a black with sparkle), Glamour (a deep dramatic plum matte), Stiletto (a light pewter with metallic shimmer luster shade) and Sequin (a pearly pink shimmer). The shades are pretty and highly pigmented but also blend like a dream. The range of colours also allow for pretty and girly spring daytime looks or smokey evening looks which means that the palette is not only compact but also versatile - it's a truly useful palette for travel or popping in a handbag.

Overall, this is a great palette not only for the SS15 season but would be a great starter or just basic palette to have in your collection. It retails at €57.70 and is available from





Using Pearl on the inner corner and bottom lash line, Midnight on the centre of the lid, Glamour on the outer corner and Little Black Dress as a liner. 

(This product has been sent to me to review but all opinions are my own and not influenced by any third party)

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fyodor Golan AW15 - Brony style.

Lots and lots of colour, sheers with light streaming though them and images of My Little Pony - this is what had me wandering towards Fyodor Golan's AW15 collection in Somerset House.

Entitled Rainbow Wheel and marking an actual collaboration with My Little Pony, it's fun and beautiful and quite unlike the collections that surrounded it in the room. I'm still uncertain as to how exactly I feel about it. It's definitely not something I would wear personally but, then, there is much that I like but would never wear. It's a little bit eighties, a touch sixties, a wee bit futuristic and a lot like Miu Miu on acid - but in the best possible way, I think. For all the craziness, there are some damn wearable pieces and silhouettes that are feats of engineering and would look good on almost all body types. In fact, there's some very cute Debs or prom dresses in the mix.

After literal hours of staring, I think it's the exuberance. It's something that draws you in. It's why I keep staring. And will all creative ventures, I read being drawn back for further analysis despite uncertainty about your feelings on said venture as a very good sign. Good art provokes discussion and debate - especially within yourself. Perhaps it's all too gimmicky but, for now, I'm intrigued.







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Friday, 27 February 2015

Giles AW15

The Victorians hold less interest for me than what came before. Regency, or even Baroque, is much more my cup of tea. Not only did they throw a prudish spanner in the works and set gender equality back aeons but their version of lace and modesty was just too fussy, too contrived. It's all embroidered velvets in garish shades and poor proportions.

Yet reinventions of Victorian fashion, like that at Giles AW15, hold boundless appeal to me. A little bit Lestat, a little kinky and wonderfully dark. I mean, the leather frock coat? I could wear that all day, every day and never get bored or love it less. High lace collars with mini-skirts. Waists falling at more natural points. Menswear tailoring for female garments. Making being very much covered up into something overtly, palpably sexy - taking sensibilities of that period into the hands of an empowered, assured woman of ours. Theatrical explosions of ruffles and bows. Vampy black lips and little else in the way of make-up.

The success here is in the re-imagining. The heart of the garments, and even their purposeful containment of the body, remains the same but the way it is expressed and how it is interpreted is different. The woman who wears Giles is choosing to leave more to the imagination but she is a bit of a minx, she winks at us. She knows what she is doing rather than being forced to conform to standards of the time. And she has a flair for the dramatic - you won't miss her when she arrives at the party.

It's enough to make a wanna-goth swoon.

(Images via,uk by Indigital)

P.S. It's great to see Andreja Pejic stomping the runway once more x

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Zoe Jordan AW15

Alpine, a little androgynous, very wearable. 

For AW15, Zoe Jordan gives us the knitwear staples the brand has led us to expect, plays with proportion, bedecks us in oversized faux fur and presents tailoring that is to die for.

Trop cool.










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